With A Heavy Heart

Every time I leave the city, I get into the bus with a heavy heart. My parents have always told me that I have a big heart (whatever that means), but I think that comment came from the way I empathize with the people I always found on the streets of the city.
But this case is different. I was sympathetic to another kind of people, a different kind. The economy was dwindling! The ripples were being felt all over the world. Some *self proclaimed* people, if I may say so, said we deserved it. According to them, we were, the whole of humanity, paying for their poor financial decisions and lavish lifestyles we had. But we’re not here to talk about the economy, story for another day … i mean blog.
So, everyday at my bus stop, I came across this lady. She looked hunger stricken. She was carrying a box full of toothpaste, a brand I had never seen or heard of. I font even recall it’s name. Everyday I saw her at the same spot. And it occurred to me that the number of toothpastes wasn’t changing. Besides, every one bought toothpaste at the supermarket, or at a retail shop. Who buys toothpaste off the street?!!
I took a good glance at the lady. She was wearing a ring. No doubt she was married. I began to wonder, how does she feed her family? There was no telling how many kids she had. But, from the societys background, I was cock sure it wasn’t one or less than three. And what if she was a single parent? Are the kids in school? Do they even have a home? Is there food? What about medical care? Questions were burning me to my soul. A part of me wanted to pull her aside and talk to her, ask about her life situation. But what would I do after that? Just sympathise and that’s it?! I opted not to.
I am in a bus heading home. And my heart feels heavy again….. I don’t know for how long I will keep up….