There are times I wish life was like a haircut in a barber’s shop. What goes in, shaggy and shabby, comes out smart. And unlike in the salons, the whole beauty making process is short and precise. Or should I say handsome making process?
just like with hair, humans wait until their tribulations have grown, or grown out of hand rather, before they seek ways to cut them down. Procastination is deeply rooted in us. It is in our blood as some would have put it…. We postpone almost everything that we could do in a matter of minutes. Procrastination is the thief….(yeah yeah blah blah blah, am sure we are all familiar with the saying)
However, unlike at the barbers where he only takes a matter of minutes to cut down the “hair”, the issues we procrastinate take a lifetime to be brought down. They come back to haunt us, and haunt us good.
As I write this I am at the brink of giving up. Brink of having a panic attack all because I decided to put aside” the


“for later.
At least I have learnt my lesson …. and my wallet bears testimony to that.