A New Step

Dear diary,
Today I made a new step. Okay, Maybe a couple of steps. Today I gathered, or rather mastered up courage and talked to one of the chiqs who had resented me since my childhood days, and all through my puberty. I can confidently say that’s a stone unturned.
But a bigger stone that got turned was that a finally began THE MESSIAH practice as a base. but before we got to the practice part a lot happened.
it all started when I was in town. the practice session  was at seven and I was boarding the matatu at six. I boarded the matatu hurriedly hoping that the city jam would have mercy on me… it turned out that I boarded the wrong matatu… I ended up getting lost. I had to think fast. it was already past seven. so I had walked back and began looking for the music hall. it took me an hour to find the hall.
I found the choiristers at the tea break, having cake! and biscuits and tea! what a late but good way to begin..
we sang chorus number 28, 46. and to finish we performed the famous HALLELUJAH chorus. that was a grand feeling. I felt like I was in concert already. and so I was a registered famous professional Singer. that was a great breakthrough for me! I thank God for this grand opportunity.


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