Today I was baptized. Cool right? Not quite. I know the feeling of being a new, starting a fresh is a feeling like no other. However, there was an unprecedented issue. There wasnt a priest. Okay, this is getting puzzling now, isn’t it? As a matter of fact, it only took two minutes!
So, I was given the name Issak, JUMA ISSAK. I absolutely fell in love with the name despite the circumstances. It wasn’t as frequent as Mohammed or as regular as Ali. It was just right. And yes, it is Muslim! There i said it! And so Juma Issak was my new name……….
I was seated in the company of strangers. Okay they were people I knew but not that I was acquainted to. I was under pressure. They were all staring at me, waiting to see my first move. Infront of me was a plate. It was a conglameration of foods. Weird looking. And so I did. Those must have been the longest two minutes of my life….
And so here I was paying for my irresponsibility. Chasing the desires of my flesh blindly. Something I have learned not to do ever! But until then, I will be called Juma Issak …. Oscar is no more!


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