Agonising Choice

It is a common question that keeps bombarding my mind. Does fate define our destiny or do we write our own destinies? Or even better, does mankind write out his fate? My current status is sitting at home. Quite literally. But i dont just sit. I sit in hope. Hope for a brighter future. Hope thay fate favors me and my destiny, or for those who believe in the latter, hope that I will be able to write my future. I sit in hope to receive a letter. A single letter, that’ll define my future! And so it occurs to me that it is only a single letter that’ll define the road my life will take. is it in my power to control whether i get the letter? Or is it fate. How many times have qualified bright students failed to go upon the journey they had wished? Or pushed to open another dooor they never wanted? Or is my future left to the person drafting the letter?

As i think about these things, the olympics are here! i can only wish MYBELOVED COUNTRY KENYA all the best in all its participation. whether it is fate that they will come back home with nine medals or only three or whether it is of their own making is a question i’ll leave for you.

Meanwhile, I’m still seated at home, waiting….and doing a little more waiting! And what agony it is!


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